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Real Estate Sales Success

Say goodbye to countless hours of sales research! Your Rocket Fuel combines key company, office and city insights in one overview for you to start selling immediately.

Qualified leads in one overview.

According to Forbes, sales managers spend less than 40% of their time actually selling. We help real estate, office and coworking sales teams eliminate research time by tracking down qualified corporates in your city that are setting up offce, moving, growing and expanding. From fast growing scale-ups to large corporates.

Get a complete picture of the market.

See who’s responsible for real estate and their contact details, how quickly they are growing, where they’re currently renting and where they are located.

Stay up to date with what’s happening in the market.

Cities are changing. New companies are setting up offices, growing, moving, expanding and closing — faster than ever. To save you time and ensure that you're the first to know what's happening, we track important company news, press releases and social media updates.


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