Tested Sales Guide

Do you want to kickstart your hotel sales and post-corona? I’ve created the best guide (100+ corporates have been closed using this method) on how to find quickly qualified corporate leads to generate direct bookings.

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What is a Hotel Sales Strategy?

A hotel sales strategy is an approach to selling that allows a hotel sales team to position the hotel and its services to target specific guests in a meaningful, differentiated way. Most sales strategies include a detailed hotel sales plan with steps on how to target corporate customers.

What is a hotel sales plan?

A hotel sales plan identifies the main target audience of the hotel and the demands of the segment. Traditionally, a hotel sales plan describes all the steps involved in reaching out to the target audience, starting a conversation, inviting them over for a hotel tour and closing a corporate contract. However, many sales plans prove to be ineffective. This is due to the lack of innovation, hotel sales ideas, and use throughout the year.

Why do most hotel sales strategies fail?

Most hotels do not have a strategic sales strategy. The ones who do, usually use outdated methods such as time-consuming Sales Blitz, un-effective cold calling methods and bi-yearly meetings with partners.

Europe and the US have experienced a strong economy and hotel market in the past decade. Furthermore, in a strong economy, a less efficient Sales strategy will not be as noticeable. However, to be competitive as a hotel in a weak economy, especially due to the impact of Corona, it will prove much more challenging. This requires an effective and tested sales strategy, using innovative tools.

Rocket Fuel for Your Hotel

I’ve spent the past decade working with innovative companies across the hospitality and coworking sectors. My goal was to develop a commercial model that helps ambitious hotel brands thrive in their marketplace drive sustainable occupancies and ADR’s.

After years of experimenting with different strategies, online tools, growth marketing and email templates, I’ve funneled down to a strategy that generates amazing results for hotels, serviced apartments and short-stay accommodations.

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