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Sell More

Your Rocket Fuel offers a first-of-a-kind platform that
helps hotels generate more corporate revenue whilst
decreasing staff costs, year after year.

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Rocket Liftoff


Your Platform for Hotel Sales Success

Your Rocket Fuel has completely redefined how hoteliers do sales by combining key company & travel insights in a first-of-a-kind platform.

  • Company Information

    Find interesting companies in your area or city that require accommodation.

  • Hotel & Relocation Volume

    Your Rocket Fuel estimates with high accuracy the travel and relocation demand of any company.

  • Travel Contact

    Find out who is responsible for travel at a company and the best way to contact them.

  • Frequent Updates

    Be the first to know which companies are growing, moving or relocating to your city.

We Help Grow Your Revenues

Our platform has been developed with the help of top-tier hoteliers and travel experts, producing fantastic results

Saved per Sales Employee
Per Year
1 month
Corporate Revenue
Growth Potential
Companies analysed

“After working in hotel sales for years, I noticed how much time was spent researching instead of closing. Without being able to find any solution to this, we decided to create our own platform. Our goal is to help (apart)hotels and serviced apartments to drive more corporate sales whilst decreasing OTA share and staff costs”

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Stories from the hotel sales trenches

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